Muchi and Painting. Painting is All.

Mu-Chi Hsieh2010

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

In Early 2009, Muchi And Painting (M&P) Issued Published A Plan Entitled “Painting Is All.” In This Work The Artist Films Two MV’s And Many Of The Images In That Are Of Hsieh And Others Painting Together, Mixed With Music And Exaggerated Physical Movement. He Appears As A Pop Star Setting A New Fashion Trend. In The World Of Painting Muchi Is Like A DJ, He Chooses A Musical Rhythm And The Participants Decide How To Dance. The Importance Of Painting Lies In The Way The Process Can Be Collectively Enjoyed Through The Excitement Of Inviting Action And Participation. In This Way, The Content And Results Of The Painting Are Not The Artist’s Focal Point.

Muchi And Painting Worked Together With Seleven Gallery From Hong Kong To Manage Their Own Unique Brand Of Clothing. Seleven Gallery Is Very Much A Leading Fashionable Clothes Store And Muchi Tells Us That Painting Is Also A Leading Fashion! “Painting Is All.” Come Now With Muchi Into The World Of Painting.

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  • Title: Muchi and Painting. Painting is All.
  • Creator: Mu-Chi Hsieh
  • Date: 2010
  • Medium: Mixed media