N.K.S. Vogue Taffeta

Evening news1914/1914

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery

Evening News, London, 20 July 1914
Taffeta in Vogue
Above is the dark-blue upper dress with cream-colored laced underskirt with muslin sleeves and collar. After the phenomenal success everyone believed the interest in the fabric will fade very fast; however, taffeta managed to further strengthen its positions as a material for an elegant evening outfit.
The Dress and the Lady
Review of this season’s outfits
The letters entitled “Ballet Fashion” that have recently appeared in Evening News, are quite interesting. I decided to speak to a well-known manager at Madame Paquin to learn whether he shares the vision expressed in those letters. “Naturally,” he said, “how can I think otherwise, if Mister Bakst worked with Madame Paquin two years ago? This work speaks for itself.”
The London-based stylist Lucille is also willing to agree that the Oriental motifs produced a positive impact on European clothes. However we could hope that Les Ballet Russes would have a more profound effect on fashion. As of today, its influence has been manifested exclusively in the color, but not in the cuts; although one of the authors of the letters finds that narrow skirts have become fashionable owing to the magnificent ballet Cleopatra.
Positive colors
Society has benefited from the rediscovery of primitive colors. Scientists argue that the passion for positive colors exhilarates and encourages the viewer.
Supporting collar
Que faire, but as we think about the much more exciting isues of cuts, I can only startle. Indeed, the upper part of our body has got used to the comfort of the elastic corset, Hungarian blouse, and supporting collar. Therefore, you should go to the ballet again, dear designers, to witness the freedom of the lower part of the body and create something beautiful yet comfortable — this way, both sides will benefit.

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  • Title: N.K.S. Vogue Taffeta
  • Creator: Evening news
  • Date Created: 1914/1914
  • Location Created: United Kingdom
  • Provenance: Evening news
  • Type: newspaper