Necklace (1)


The Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum

There would originally have been a central pendant.

A love of nature was one of the most universal and respected sentiments in the 19th century. Naturalistic jewellery, influenced by the Romantic movement and the revived Rococo style, developed early in the period. Its success was due to the beauty and wearability of jewelled flowers and foliage, but also to the continuing interest in botany.

Until around 1830 the designs were stylised and delicate. Later, the ever-more precise copies of flowers, leaves, fruit and insects formed extravagant, colourful and complex compositions. Often the ornament included roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and fuchsias, the most fashionable flowers at the time

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  • Title: Necklace (1)
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1785/1805
  • Location: France
  • Physical Dimensions: Depth: 0.4 cm, Diameter: 16.1 cm
  • Provenance: Given by Dame Joan Evans
  • Medium: Rock crystal set in silver and gold

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