Needlework panel made in Holloway prison

Wilcox, Cissie1911

Museum of London

Museum of London

Panel of needlework made in Holloway prison by the Suffragette prisoner Cissie Wilcox. The panel, embroidered in the Suffragette colours of purple and green silk includes Cissie's prison wing and cell number, the symbol of the prisoner's arrows and the date of her imprisonment December 1911.
The panel was made by Cissie whilst she served a term of imprisonment for taking part in the Suffragette window smashing campaign of December 1911. Found guilty of smashing plate glass windows in the Strand owned by the catering firm J.Lyons and Company and the London and South Western Bank Cissie was sentenced to two months imprisonment in the second division.
At her trial Cissie referred to the injuries she had suffered at the hands of the police during Black Friday in November 1910. These included bruises and wounds caused by having her arms twisted by the police, her head pulled back and being kicked repeatedly.
Two years later, in October 1913 Cissie was arrested on the premises of a school in the Coventry area carrying inflammable material and sentenced to two weeks in prison.

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