No. 2A Beau Brownie (two-tone blue)

Eastman Kodak Co. (American, estab. 1982)1930-10

George Eastman Museum

George Eastman Museum

The Beau Brownie camera was available in a range of colors from 1930 to 1933. The only technical difference between these and the standard Brownie is that they had a new doublet lens, allowing the Beau Brownie to be slightly shorter. Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague (American, 1883–1960), the cameras had a two-tone Art Deco geometric design that came in five combinations: black and burgundy, brown and tan, two-tone blue, two-tone green, and two-tone rose. They came in two styles: No. 2 or No. 2A, with the latter being slightly larger and taking different film.

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  • Title: No. 2A Beau Brownie (two-tone blue)
  • Creator: Eastman Kodak Co. (American, estab. 1982)
  • Date Created: 1930-10
  • Credit line: George Eastman Museum, gift of Eastman Kodak Company