Wang Te-Yu2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Wang De-Yu is no doubt one of the most unique modern artists in Taiwan. She continues to use black and white soft fabrics and plastic cloth to fill up the exhibition space. The fan incessantly inflates and deflates the fabric installation, using a type of nearing virtual, thin existence, to determine the boundaries of space and change the order of senses. Her exhibit may seem fragile but behind is a hidden spirit that has no threshold. She refused to be restricted by language, her pieces were never named, but numbered, so as to minimize the involvement of text, and visitors can never get more meaning of her works from mere words. Her aversion to words means that the touch of her exhibits is more important than the visual aspect; her masterpieces always require visitors to step in. In this year’s Very Fun Park exhibit, it is no exception, but Wang De-Yu is a little different this time, she said, “Because the interior design of COMB Coffee’s is related to life, it is the inspiration to my NO62 work. This is one of the few works that had recognizable shapes and colors. I like this space and also the owners. Perhaps it is using my dreams to create a concept.”

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  • Title: NO.62
  • Creator: Wang Te-Yu
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Fabric, Blower
  • Location: COMB Coffee