No Longer Gagok:Room 6


Korea Arts Management Service

Korea Arts Management Service

No Longer Gagok: Room 5↻ is composed for a full sensory experience of ‘Gagok,’ Korean traditional lyric song, which was popular in the salons of the 18th century. Translating its musical structure into a spatial form (the position of each room), the performance is a one-person theatre working to resonate and work deep inside each listener. The position and texture of voice, heard from each room, highlights 박박parkpark’s interpretation of Gagok. This spatial apparatus shows the inherent musical qualities of Gagok and its intimate language, revealing how the genre is strongly based in poetry. The second piece of the No Longer Gagok series, after Four Nights, Room 5↻’s composition, is completed by the audience’s act of viewing.

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  • Title: No Longer Gagok:Room 6
  • Creator: 박박parkpark