No other jersey like this one

Wacław Marat

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

During the World Cup in South Africa, Michał Listkiewicz was a FIFA delegate for a few games, including the one between Argentina and Mexico in Cape Town. He visited the locker rooms of both teams to introduce himself and say hello. In the Argentinian locker room, Listkiewicz reminded Diego Maradona - who was the head coach of the team then - of the 1990 World Cup final between Argentina and West Germany (0:1), in which they both participated - Maradona as Argentina’s captain, and Listkiewicz - as a linesman. The famous “El Diego” then did something remarkable - he shouted at the team administrator: Una camiseta por senor presidente. Rapido! [“A jersey for mister delegate. Quickly!”] When an Argentina jersey was brought to him, the moved Maradona signed it over the crest.It was an unusual situation, since Maradona was always reluctant to sign autographs. After signing the jersey, he looked around the locker room, looking for the shortest player on the team, who was tying his shoes at that moment. “Chico, come here, you sign it as well,” he commanded. The short guy came and autographed the jersey. It was Leo Messi.Those two autographs on one jersey make it the only such item in the world.

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  • Title: No other jersey like this one
  • Creator: Wacław Marat