Nude woman

Julio Antonio1905 - 1905

Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona

Museu d'Art Modern de Tarragona

Nude female, one of Julio Antonio’s finest drawings, clearly of modernist inspiration. It is a free interpretation of Eva (1904) by Enric Clarasó and Desconsol (Sorrow) (1907) by Josep Llimona, which in turn were inspired by Danaide (Danaides) (1885) by Rodin. The sculptor places the female figure in a magnificent foreshortening, structured on three levels, with which he achieves a descending rhythm from the tip of the toes to the head, following the movement imposed by the contour line. As in the aforementioned works, she conceals her face between her arms and the extended head of hair, which continues in the darkened section of the background, prolonging its fall. In addition, Julio Antonio establishes a fruitful dialogue between the figure and the space in the basic plane, managing to accentuate the impact of the drawing, a dialogue which can also be observed in other works. Text by Antonio Salcedo Miliani


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  • Title: Nude woman
  • Date: 1905 - 1905
  • sculptor: Julio Antonio
  • Physical Dimensions: 87 x 119 cm
  • Type: Carbon drawing on paper