Octopus Jar

unknownRepublic of Korea/Since the Liberation of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

This is a pot that serves as an octopus trap, which is placed on the seabed and collected after waiting for some time. In order to catch octopuses with this pot, 30 to 100 pots are tied to a rope around 150 to 300 m in length, which is laid out in a long line, then raised after a certain amount of time. The rope tied to the neck of the pot is referred to as gajitjul, while the long rope connected with short gajitjul is called moritjul. Regardless of the pot size, each pot is designed to catch one octopus. This is a fishing method that employs the characteristics of the octopus. Holes are made at the bottom of the pot so that water is drained downward when the pot is raised up. In the present day, these octopus pots are generally made of plastic.

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  • Title: Octopus Jar
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date Created: Republic of Korea/Since the Liberation of Korea
  • Location: 한국
  • Physical Dimensions: Mouth diameter 14 Height 18 Base diameter 12
  • Type: Industry/Livelihood/Fishery/Fishery
  • Medium: Earthenware