Oh my love, if you find yourself...

Bernardo Marques20th century

Museum of Ethnology & Museum of Popular Art

Museum of Ethnology & Museum of Popular Art

Painting on glass, framed, with pictorial composition allusive to the popular quatrain written in the centre of lower section.

Underneath the latter, the ex-libris of Bernardo Marques (1898-1962), a painter, illustrator and graphic artist, friend of António Ferro, who was one of the painters-decorators of the Bureau for National Propaganda (Secretariado de Propaganda Nacional - SPN), the department of the dictatorial regime of Estado Novo charged with the organization of the Portuguese pavilions in several international exhibitions held in the 1930s.

He also integrated the team of decorators of the pavilions of the Exhibition of the Portuguese World (1940). After its closure, he collaborated, from 1943 onwards, in the adaptation of the "Popular Life Section" pavilion for the installation of the Popular Art Museum. This painting is part of a set of twelve panels, never displayed at the Popular Art Museum, which may have been commissioned for an exhibition on Portuguese folk art held in Bern at the time António Ferro was ambassador in Switzerland, after his dismissal from SPN, and were deposited in the Museum of Popular Art in 1958, altogether with other materials that were in the possession of António Ferro.

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  • Title: Oh my love, if you find yourself...
  • Creator: Bernardo Marques
  • Date Created: 20th century
  • Location Created: Portugal
  • Physical Dimensions: 72 cm x 58.5 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Collection: National Museum of Ethnology. Image: DGPC/ADF
  • Medium: Painting on glass