Oil painting: The Transfiguration - Rug: Mono2 Supreme | SoftBrown

Painting: Wolfgang Lettl and Rug: Jürgen Dahlmanns2015

Lettl Collection

Lettl Collection

Oil Painting, not hanging on a wall, but placed in front of a valuable rug - that is an exciting bringing together of two works of art.
New harmonies arise.

In a special exhibition in Augsburg in autumn 2015 under the title "linked", paintings by Wolfgang Lettl were combined with rugs by Jürgen Dahlmanns (RUG STAR).

The Transfiguration

Drafting this painting I tried to combine a man with a bird. I did not like this combination, so instead of one bird I took a flock of birds.

Drafting I always aim to develop interesting shapes. The meaning of the painting thus created does not matter at this stage. Talking about "pictorial form", I understand not only objects, but also movement, colors, light and the interaction of these elements.

Gradually - if everything goes well, a sens develops out of this interaction.

Looking at the "Transfiguration" a frail old man is shown from behind.
He is at the end of his life. Top down he turns into a swarm of white birds. That means death, but not the end, because the birds stand for survival in another dimension, in another world, "The Transfiguration" shows dying. But not only the "dying away", but also the "dying into", i.e. into dissolution and the redemption.

Even the empty bobbins indicate that it is coming to an end, that the thread of life has come to its end. The yellowish-brown tint of the otherwise empty soil turns into a blue full of expectation and finally to the cheering joy of the crazy flock of birds.

(Text: Wolfgang Lettl)

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  • Title: Oil painting: The Transfiguration - Rug: Mono2 Supreme | SoftBrown
  • Creator: Painting: Wolfgang Lettl, Rug: Jürgen Dahlmanns
  • Date Created: 2015
  • Location Created: Augsburg, Berlin
  • Style: surrealism
  • Physical Dimensions: Rug: 300x250 cm, Oil painting: 89x107 cm
  • Original Title: Die Verwandlung
  • Subject Keywords: death, resurrection, metamorphosis, surrealism, Lettl
  • Type: oil painting, rug
  • Rights: Florian Lettl
  • Medium: oil paint, silk, medium-density fibreboard