On the eve of Nowruz holiday

Shahtakhtinskaya Elmira Habibulla gizi (1930-1997)1966/1966

Azerbaijan National Art Museum

Azerbaijan National Art Museum
Baku, Azerbaijan

In the work of art, two women has been depicted during Nowruz holiday. One of them, the old one has sat on the carpet folding one of his legs. She decorates shakarburas (The national dessert cooked during Novruz holiday, the day that
night and day become equal. It symbolizes the Moon). In front of her there is a piece of wood to knead dough on with shakarburas on it.
Woman is dressed in blue skirt, dark blue, patterned blouse, ornamental socks and headscarf. Behind her, a young woman in modern pinkish-blue dress has sat on a chair. She has black hair. Sitting behind the table on which there are samani(It is grown from wheat specially for this holiday. It is the symbol
of productivity), dyed eggs she decorates shakharburas. Blue, red and green colours have been used in the work.

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  • Title: On the eve of Nowruz holiday
  • Creator: Shahtakhtinskaya Elmira Habibulla gizi (1930-1997)
  • Date: 1966/1966
  • Location: Azerbaijan, Baku
  • Medium: Painting/ Paper, gouache