Opera Prince Igor. Borodin. Sketch of the curtain

Fyodor Fedorovsky1934/1934

The Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre

«Before starting the work we listen to the music, then we think about what we have heard and look for proper decision. That is how we decided to stage “Prince Igor” as a colorful and very emotional performance… We have been told that “The Tale of Igor's Campaign” is very sensitive and tender composition and we should decorate it in soft water colors… We argued: Yes, you are right if we speak about “The Tale of Igor's Campaign”, but we stage “Prince Igor” opera by Borodin. If you listen to Borodin’s score carefully, especially to the such scenes as Galitsky’s feast, or fire scene, or Polovtsian camp, then you will understand that these musical passions need another palette…» L.Baratov

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  • Title: Opera Prince Igor. Borodin. Sketch of the curtain
  • Creator: Fyodor Fyodorovich Fyodorovsky
  • Date: 1934/1934


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