Tales from the Saami`s Land

Emilia & Dariusz Schmidt

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

The exhibition was the interesting presentation of the collection of Emilia and Dariusz Schmidt and a selection of exhibits from the collection of PME, too. We presented Saami culture: their costumes and traditional objects, music, joik and contemporary and archival photographs. There were also illustrations by Czech artist, Luboš Drtina, and one could read translations of the legends made by Viola and Zdenek Lyčka. The exhibition was presented 18.02-30.3.2016. Cooperation: Czech Centre in Warsaw and the Festival of Northern Lights, the Center of Culture and Sport. Patronage: Embassy of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the Republic Finland and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden.

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  • Title: Tales from the Saami`s Land
  • Creator: Emilia & Dariusz Schmidt