Order of the Sabbath songs and grace after meals

Gershom ben Solomon ha-Kohen1514/1514

Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum in Prague

The first Jewish printing house in Prague was founded in the 1510s. One of the partners of the printing consortium, Gershom ha-Kohen, later founded his own printing house.

Unique edition, possibly a fragment. One of the editions preserved in a single (known) copy. Probably the second (or third) Hebrew book printed in Prague, decorated with several hand-coloured woodcuts and printed in new letters. It contains Shabbat songs, Grace after Meals and texts for various ceremonies and occasional blessings.

Grace after Meals, Shabbat songs, Motzei Shabbat and various occasional blessings (for circumcision, betrothals, eruv tavshilin, eruv hatzerot, bedikat hametz, srefat hametz, seder kapparot). Possible fragment – final blessing missing.

[34b] second variant of the hare hunt (hares caught in a net)

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  • Title: Order of the Sabbath songs and grace after meals
  • Date: 1514/1514
  • Location: Praha
  • Technique: Letter-press, limp binding, woodcuts
  • Physical Dimensions: w14 x h19 cm
  • Original Title: סדר זמירות וברכת המזון
  • Provenance: Jewish Museum in Prague
  • Type: liturgical texts
  • External Link: www.jewishmuseum.cz
  • Medium: paper
  • printer: Gershom ben Solomon ha-Kohen


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