Ore and coal. The Saar wants to live!

Landesarchiv Saarbrücken and Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes Open Gallery

State Chancellery Saarland

State Chancellery Saarland

Poster of the Saarlandic government prior to the 1952 state elections. After the coalition of the "Christliche Volkspartei" (CVP) and the "Sozialdemokratische Partei des Saarlandes" (SPS) had fallen apart in April 1951, the CVP continued to rule without the SPS. The second cabinet of Prime Minister Johannes Hoffmann comprised only members of the CVP party with the exception of one independent minister. This government, led by Hoffmann, launched a statewide series of these "Die Saar will leben!" (literally: "The Saar wants to live!") posters that were used for propaganda purposes with the objective of promoting the Europeanisation of the Saar region. The close economic relationship between the Saarland and Lorraine is highlighted on this poster.

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  • Title: Ore and coal. The Saar wants to live!
  • Creator: Landesarchiv Saarbrücken, Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes Open Gallery
  • Subject Keywords: Das Erbe Kapitel 11 – Zusammenhalt


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