Orumiyeh Lake

Mana Salehi2012/2012

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Lake Orumiyeh by Mana Salehi originated as an installation to be exhibited at the Fourth water phase exhibition, as the artist’s commentary on the ecological issues discussed as part of the exhibition, the social aspects resulting from the lack of water in the world, and the concept of water as one of the most universal symbols. The work was comprised of a video film projected onto a wall, which presented the title Lake Orumiyeh (Urmia) in Iran, in a very poetic manner, and from different points of view. The video was composed of pictures, which reflected in the surface of a mirror placed horizontally, in a shallow pool filled with water – the dimensions of the pool corresponded with the dimensions of the projection. The tank is very slowly filled with a fluid, which trickles in single drops from the hydraulic system located above the pool, thus providing permanent water circulation. [N. Cieślak]

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