Osama Bin Laden: the abuse of the faith


Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

Academy of Fine Arts and Literature

Osama Bin Laden, the fanaticism incarnate, and activities of terror, mass massacre and destruction that he has been promoting and sponsoring, are the theme of this brilliantly rendered scroll. The uppermost cube represents two aircrafts destroying the twin World Trade Towers at New York. Below it are portrayed its victims, dead, half-dead or swooning. Next four panels portray various training programs, consultation camps and preparations for striking terror. In one of them, Osama is seen himself instructing his women cell for action. The next panel depicts how fanatic youths are persuaded to serve as human bombs and the devastation they cause. The next panel portrays Osama emerging as the new god of fanatics and his images enshrining the arches, a form so much venerated in Islam. Whether inside shrine-like arched pavilion or hiding underground, Osama has at his service the male soldiers and the female guards.

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  • Title: Osama Bin Laden: the abuse of the faith
  • Creator: unknown
  • Location: Midanapur, Bengal
  • Physical Dimensions: Paper, 56 X 343 cm
  • Subject Keywords: Bengal School
  • Type: Painting