Ostrowiec, Poland, A photograph of the Balter family, 1941.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

Appearing in the photograph from left to right are:
Jozef Balter - survivior. He later changed his name to Joseph Bartal, husband of the submitter Leah Bartal. He died in Israel in 2003. He submitted other photographs: Collection 6816.
Perla Balter - the Mother. Survived. She died in America in 1957.
Tzvi (Herschel Balter) - survived. He immigrated to Australia.
Channa Balter.
Yisrael Balter, the Father.
Paula Fasalla Leibowitz (Balter) is holding flowers. She immigrated to America.

In 1939 the son Jonathan (Jonas) Balter, who does not appear in the picture, escaped Ostrowiec to Wilna. He contacted the Red Cross to enquire what happened to his family.
In 1941 (before the ghetto was reduced in size), the Red Cross took this family photograph and it was sent to Jonathan.

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  • Title: Ostrowiec, Poland, A photograph of the Balter family, 1941.
  • Location: Ostrowiec,Poland
  • Subject Keywords: Women , Youth , Armband , Children
  • Origin: לאה ברטל
  • Name of submitter: לאה ברטל
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Archival signature: 8376/1


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