José RibellesCa. 1820

Museo Nacional del Romanticismo

Museo Nacional del Romanticismo

This lithograph shows Isidoro Máiquez in the role of Othello, Shakespeare´s famous tragedy, for which Máiquez was so acclaimed. Ribelles represents the moment of maximum dramatic intensity, when Othello believes that he can see evidence of the infidelity. Isidoro Máiquez (1768-1820) is considered as one of the greatest actors in the history of Spanish theatre. Pensioned by Godoy, he studied new acting techniques in France with François-Joseph Talma and renewed the Spanish theatre life.This print is extremely valuable for being one of the first lithograph to be made in Spain, in the Establecimento Litográfico del Depósito Hidrográfico de Madrid (Lithographic Establishment of the Hydrographic Deposit of Madrid), opened in 1819.

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  • Título: Otelo
  • Creador: José Ribelles y Helip
  • Fecha de creación: Ca. 1820
  • Lugar de creación: Madrid, Spain
  • Dimensiones físicas: w210 x h280 mm
  • Tipo: Grabado
  • Enlace externo: CERES
  • Derechos: Museo Nacional del Romanticismo
  • Técnica artística: Litografía sobre papel
  • Signatura: Ribelles.


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