Our future means: sharing

Carolin Würfel

Urban Art Now

Urban Art Now

How can sharing make our lives easier?

Generation25 firmly believes that this culture of sharing will only gain importance in the future. Not just because it makes life easier, but because it’s about owning less and saving money, time, and resources.
Denis, 24, posted the following comment with #Deutschland25: “Sharing would contribute to a healthy society in all areas. Extensive sharing would conserve resources.”
Berlin-based Arne, 31, co-founded “Hoard” to make sharing even easier. “Hoard” is an online platform that allows users to deposit items such as house keys in local shops in major cities. You can look online to find local “Hoard Spots”.
Describing the idea for “Hoard”, Arne says, “We were thinking it would be great to be able to exchange physical items at a physical point of exchange, just as you would expect to do with digital content. A sort of cloud for real items.”
Just about anything can be shared. Arne’s platform is particularly useful for exchanging everyday items. Drills, keys, tools. Matthias, 30, takes a similar view. “Sharing makes our lives easier every time we need something for just a short time and don’t need to own it. Genuine participation instead of commercialism; that is what makes our lives easier.”
Homes are of course also on the menu. Jose, 27: “I traded my apartment with someone in New York for four weeks last year. Great experience, I would definitely do it again.”
And people who share are not just doing a good deed. Sharing also means financial relief: “Sharing is the new buying. I share my apartment, my car and sometimes even my clothes. This saves me a lot of money,” writes Ingrid, 27.
But that’s just the beginning. Arne’s platform once again proves that sharing goes well beyond “car sharing.” This is evidenced by the fact that, in 2015, we have come a long way and now share much more than just cars: clothes (Kleiderei), jobs (Tandemploy), and even our private homes.
The great thing about sharing is not only the things that are suddenly available to more than one person, but the exchange. Sharing requires communication, with your fellow men and your environment. Share knowledge. And knowledge goes hand in hand with progress.
The comments submitted clearly indicate that sharing has become an everyday occurrence for Generation25. Generation25 is happy to open its doors to others and stand up for a future in which “sharing” is an active part of societal life, even beyond their own generation. One thing is certain: Those who give create happiness, not only for themselves but for others as well. As such, Generation25 are well on their way to transforming their country into a happy nation.


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  • Title: Our future means: sharing
  • Creator: Carolin Würfel
  • Type: Essay


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