Ourhouse Episode 1 . Game Episode 2 . Class Episode 4 . Internal Problems

Nathaniel Mellors2010~

Nam June Paik Art Center

Nam June Paik Art Center

Ourhouse employs a familiar format of soap opera in presenting language, music, or conversations for communication that change at different periods of time. However, the content of his soap opera is structured in a deconstructive manner: It refuses to have a holistic meaning or interpretation, showing characters that represent fragmented parts of the popular psyche where people crave to find comfort only within the partial structure of mass media as if they are isolated from the world. Mellors’ soap opera tells a story about an unordinary family that receives a stranger (a figure that consumes books). Living in a suburban mansion, the breadwinner of the family, Charles Maddox-Wilson, is part of the middle class. The mansion changes its size depending upon the state of Charles’ mind. Mellors grew up watching British and American television shows. He tells that “a special interest in television” influenced Ourhouse. The characters appearing in Ourhouse exist in different forms that encompass fictional characters in a soap opera and moving sculptures, often transform into other forms to be presented in exhibitions.

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  • Title: Ourhouse Episode 1 . Game Episode 2 . Class Episode 4 . Internal Problems
  • Creator: Nathaniel Mellors (b.1974, United Kingdom) (Photo : Nils Clauss)
  • Date: 2010~
  • Type: single channel video with sound 34min 4sec, 37min 25sec, 22min 14sec


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