Outer Clothes Made of Blue Raw Silk

unknownRepublic of Korea/Joseon Dynasty

National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

These are clothes worn during ancestral rituals. The king wore a full ceremonial dress with nine embroidered symbols, consisting of a jade scepter, a coronet, a black robe, a wrapping skirt, a wide belt, an inner robe, a back drapery, a round neckband, a ceremonial apron, socks, and shoes. When King Gojong became an emperor, he wore a full ceremonial dress with 12 symbols, and a coronet with 12 strings of beads. The official attire of government officials includes a blue robe, a red skirt, a white inner robe, a ceremonial apron, a round neckband, a wide belt, hanging jade beads and strings, socks, leather shoes, a handheld tablet, and a belt. Depending on the rank, different numbers of lines can be used in a coronet and different designs can be used for the back drapery. In the late Joseon Dynasty, government officials wore a black or purple robe instead of a blue one.

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  • Title: Outer Clothes Made of Blue Raw Silk
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date Created: Republic of Korea/Joseon Dynasty
  • Location: 한국
  • Physical Dimensions: Length 83 Width 44.5 Length from collar to sleeve end 97.5
  • Type: Clothing/Clothing/Ritual Clothes/Men’s Ritual Clothes
  • Medium: Leno weave/Silk