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Po-I Chen2015

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Urban regeneration often takes place before we can notice. Day after day, it is not easy for city residents to get a full picture of the transitions around them. Through Chen's lens, we see stories about moving away from familiar places and reminiscing about traces of people who once lived here, all recorded in his photography. As Po I Chen travels frequently to different corners of Taiwan, his documentary photography witnesses the fast-paced transition of modern times. The works are almost a visual study of the society, probing into the context of our contemporary environment and developments.

A "window" is an opening that connects people and their dwelling environment. With urban regeneration comes the demolishment of memory-loaded old houses; and our environment is constantly being reshaped. OutLook, Chen's series that documents windows in abandoned buildings, is an attempt to capture images of shifting urban landscapes in Taiwan.

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  • Title: OutLook
  • Creator: Po-I Chen
  • Date: 2015
  • Medium: Laser jet color print
  • Location: Daan Old Mansion


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