Owl Nest behind TV Building

NASA/KSC - Dimitri Gerondidakis2014-03-18


Washington, DC, United States

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – At NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, an Owl occupies a nest originally build by an Osprey atop a loudspeaker utility pole. Kennedy Space Center shares a boundary with the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge encompasses 140,000 acres that are a habitat for more than 331 species of birds, 31 mammals, 117 fishes, and 65 amphibians and reptiles. The marshes and open water of the refuge provide wintering areas for 23 species of migratory waterfowl, as well as a year-round home for great blue herons, great egrets, wood storks, cormorants, brown pelicans and other species of marsh and shore birds, as well as a variety of insects. For more information, visit: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/shuttleoperations/alligators/kscovr.html Photo credit: NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis

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  • Title: Owl Nest behind TV Building
  • Creator: NASA/KSC - Dimitri Gerondidakis
  • Date Created: 2014-03-18
  • Location: KSC-TV, Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Rights: KSC
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