P. Colombara - Fontana

Piergiorgio Colombara

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

P. Colombara - 1948 - Fontana
242 x 45 cm
Sculpture in bronze. Commissioner General of Section for the Italian Pavilion Office. Fontana, the sculpture, has the shape of a large cone (tree) in
bronze from the end of which sprouts, or terminates, a hand,
also in bronze, from which grow two branches in brass. One
partly embraces the conical structure and from the other grows
a spring in blown glass.
The structural elements of Fontana are symbolic: the cone
suggests the idea of the passage of time, as in an hourglass; the
hand represents both action and giving; the branches, as in a
tree, are the support and nutriment from which water flows and
so life crystallised in glass.
There are works that can evoke, suggest objects in which reality
is revealed as something other, or rather, the other is revealed
as reality.
Says Gillo Dorfles: “A robust structural construction together
with a refined spatial explosion are the basis of the work of
Piergiorgio Colombara who has been able, right from the start,
to evaluate the “weight” that lightness has in sculpture”.

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  • Title: P. Colombara - Fontana
  • Creator: Piergiorgio Colombara