Painting and Calligraphy by King Yeongchin in his Childhood at His Early Age

King Yeongchin (Crown Prince Uimin)Korean Empire, 1907-1910 (Sunjong reign)

Academy of Korean Studies

Academy of Korean Studies
Seongnam-si, South Korea

An album of Korean Empire’s last crown prince Yeongwang(Yeongchinwang) Yi Eun’s (1897-1970) pictures painted when he was studying in Japan. Installed as a crown prince at the age of 11 in 1907, Yeongwang was taken as a hostage to Japan December that year under the pretext of studying in Japan. This album seems to have been made when he was having painting lessons. His drawing skill is very good that is seems like he has enjoyed painting. In the title page, it is written that the album was found among secret documents of Sunjong when clearing out Yeongwa storage of old Seonwonjeon in 1958.

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  • Title: Painting and Calligraphy by King Yeongchin in his Childhood at His Early Age
  • Date: Korean Empire, 1907-1910 (Sunjong reign)
  • painting & calligraphy: King Yeongchin (Crown Prince Uimin)
  • location: Jangseogak, Academy of Korean Studies, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. Korea
  • composition: 1 book
  • Physical Dimensions: w29.3 x h19.4 cm
  • Original Title: Yeongchinwang yuneonsi seohwa cheop (영친왕 유년시서화첩, 英親王 幼年時書畵帖)
  • Korean caption: 대한제국의 마지막 황태자 영왕(英王/英親王) 이은(李垠, 1897~1970)이 일본 유학 시절에 그린 화첩. 1907년 11세로 황태자에 책봉된 영왕은 그 해 12월 유학을 명분으로 일본에 볼모로 건너간 뒤 일본식 교육을 받으며 성장하였다. 이 그림첩은 도화(圖畵) 학습 시 그린 것으로 추측된다. 소묘 솜씨가 상당한 수준이어서 평소 그림을 즐긴 것으로 보인다. 속표지에 1958년 구선원전(舊璿源殿)의 연와(煉瓦)창고를 정리하던 중 순종(純宗)의 비전문서(秘傳文書) 속에서 발견되었다는 경위가 적혀 있다.
  • Provenance: Academy of Korean Studies
  • Type: Manuscript
  • Rights: Academy of Korean Studies

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