Painting of birds and animals

Jo, Seok-jinLate Joseon

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum

Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
Yongin-si, South Korea

A painter who belonged to Dohwaseo (Royal Bureau of Painting), Jo Seok-jin (1853-1920) was skillful in painting diverse objects, i.e., fish, sea, landscape, figures, flowers, and birds. He learned painting from his grandfather Jo Jeong-gyu (penname: Imjeon). His penname Sorim (meaning small Imjeon) shows how he loved and respected his grandfather.
This piece portrays deer, mandarin ducks, fowls, hawks, cranes, etc., just like his other pieces. Note, however, that the way the lion and the cow are depicted indicates his attempt at a more modern painting style. Overall, the picture may leave an impression of rigidity, but the use of transparent colors and leisurely and lively brush strokes is noteworthy.

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  • Title: Painting of birds and animals
  • Creator: Jo, Seok-jin
  • Date: Late Joseon
  • Provenance: Gyeonggi Provincial Museum
  • Type: Painting