Panoramic view of Port Said

Gabriel Lekegian1880/1900

Hallwyl Museum

Hallwyl Museum
Stockholm, Sweden


On 14 November 1900, the Hallwyl party embarks the steamship Irene in the port of Naples. The lady's companion Ida Uhse writes in her diary that she is worried about being seasick but the weather is beautiful and the voyage goes well. On 17 November, at night, they disembark at Port Said in Egypt and on 18 November they take the train from there to Cairo.

“16th and 17th of Nov. Lovely weather, we arrived at Port Said at night and will continue from there to Cairo by train.”

“18th of Nov. We have now left the wonderful steamer Irene, on which we had such lovely days without becoming seasick. On the Saturday, the second to last day, a great party was held on board the steamer. The dining room was decorated with garlands and lights. The imperial crown at the centre of the table was also made from garlands. The dinnertime mood was very animated as there were large quantities of champagne. In the early morning the steamer took on coal and after that it was impossible to sleep.”

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  • Title: Panoramic view of Port Said
  • Creator: Photographe Artistique G. Lekegian & Cie
  • Date Created: 1880/1900
  • Location Created: Port Said, Egypt
  • Original Language: Swedish
  • Subject Keywords: Egypt, Port Said, Tourism, Photography
  • Original Source: Image number: DIG 8031
  • Rights: Public Domain
  • Medium: Photography