Papyrus fragment from a Septuagint book roll

The Egypt Exploration Society1/100

British Museum

British Museum

The Septuagint was the Greek translation of the Torah, originally written in Hebrew. Jews such as Philo of Alexandria used this Greek version of the Bible, and for Christians it became part of their Old Testament. This fragment contains lines from the Book of Job. The scribe, writing in Greek, left a space on the 5th line where another writer has inserted YHWH. The letters represent the name of God in a Hebrew script that was ancient at the time of writing and used for sacred purposes.

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  • Title: Papyrus fragment from a Septuagint book roll
  • Creator: The Egypt Exploration Society
  • Date Created: 1/100
  • Location: Egypt, Africa
  • Copyright: Loaned by the Egypt Exploration Society