710 x 1010 mm
signature: down in the right corner: Pero Topljak / 1972

Schematic figures without psychological characterization, reduced to pure and simple lines and white surfaces. We can mold action in a time sequence and within a single view to track microcosm presented in a form that resembles a strip loose form - without separate compartments, narration in the works flows uninterrupted.

Pero Topljak was born on January 8, 1948 in Đurđevac in a typical rural family. From 1956 to 1963 he attended elementary school where he made his first drawings. In the coming years, meets with painter and sculptor from Djurdjevac Ivan Tomerlin, whose advice and support formed his first paintings on canvas and on glass. In 1966 he visited Krsto Hegedusic in Zagreb. Then he meets Ivana Lackovic and spends time with him during his military days. When he returned home he paints images of farm and work. In 1972 with help of Vladimir Crnkovic he published a folder of drawings and a smaller monography soon afterwards. He has developed a good skill in drawing. He lies and works in Djurdjevac, a small town near Koprivnica.

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  • Title: Parish Fair
  • Creator: Pero Topljak
  • Date Created: 1972