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Seoul, South Korea

Park Min-hee is a young gagok singer known to have versatile vocal timbre and a great vocal range. Park’s voice is serene and calm—ull of mystical tones that speak to the deep inner self and a mind in contemplation. She exhibits great vocal control and production that expresses the spectrum of human emotions, which are indeed complicated and personal. Indirect expression is another aspect of the beauty of gagok. Metaphors and poetic words, all about love, are revealed in exceptional text settings through elaborate melismatic vocal lines, as if love were precious and hidden, only able to be expressed through music rather than words. She breaks conventional boundaries in her gagok performances. Park has been working with a number of other performing arts media and genres, such as poetry, language, physical movements, and fine arts, creatively searching for and experimenting with new ways of bringing gagok to contemporary audiences. The renowned music critic, Yun Jung-kang, wrote, “Park Min-hee is an intelligent artist who is not afraid of the stage and artistic environment changes . . . she profoundly understands the contemporary role of a traditional singer, as a homo loquens . . .”Finally, I feel like I know all about GAGOK and react with it soundly. She and GAGOK changed me. Now I desire Gakok through Park Minhee.
_Journal Auditorium, Yoon Jung-gang (music critic)Most traditional art-form became most radical. Park Minhee introduce s GAGOK directing the visual and auditory images like vision and hallucination. Her faint and graceful voice sounds like calling a ghost.
_Yonhapnews, Kang Il-jung guest reporter

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