Peach-shaped helmet with Gachirin ring and feather crest

Unknown16th-17th century, Momoyama-Edo period

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum

According to the record book of arms and armour in the Tachibana family, this helmet was owned by Muneshige, the first lord of the Yanagawa domain. However, in the document of the Nakagawa family ('Hara-jo shoka sashimon-cho'), the description about the 2nd lord's helmet is closer resemblance to this helmet. Therefore, there is a possibility that the helmet has been worn by the 2nd lord, Tadashige. The big ring and feather are identical of first lord's helmet, but the sophisticated shape of the helmet indicates that it was made in more recent years. Based on these, it can be said to have been made during the time of the siege of Hra-jo castle in 1638.

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  • Title: Peach-shaped helmet with Gachirin ring and feather crest
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 16th-17th century, Momoyama-Edo period
  • Physical Dimensions: w20×h20×d26 cm
  • Type: Arms & Armour