Casa Gerardo is located at the side of the road that runs between Avilés and Gijón. It has become a secondary road since the highway was built, but when Demetrio Fernández Luanco opened his roadside inn there in 1882, it was a busy, crowded road. Benigna, one of Demetrio's daughters, married Gerardo Quirós and it was after him that the restaurant was named years later. Their daughter, Ángela Quirós (Pedro's mother), got her culinary education from watching the women in the family cook, and in around 1960, she put the wheels in motion that would lay the foundations for the restaurant's future.

Ángela, self-taught and with no formal knowledge of the hospitality industry, put a philosophy into practice that would be carried forward by future generations: a diner shouldn't be able to tell which techniques lie behind each dish. It began with the "fabada": the most popular stew in Asturian cuisine. It is traditionally a very rich dish, but Ángela made a lighter version without compromising any of its delicious flavor. She turned this simple little eatery into a must-visit restaurant.

Casa Gerardo's kitchen is now run by Pedro and Marcos Morán, who represent the 4th and 5th generations of this family dynasty.

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  • Title: Pedro and Marcos Morán
  • Date: 2014
  • Rights: Casa Gerardo
  • Restaurant: Casa Gerardo