Pergamon Altar (Athena Group)

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The Pergamon Altar is a monumental construction built in the first half of the 2nd Century BC in the ancient Greek city of Pergamon.

The altar was built in memory of King Eumene II's victory over the Gauls and surrounding tribes. The reliefs that decorate the walls of the altar depict a ruthless battle between Gods and Giants. here, we see Athena holding the giant Alcyoneus by the hair as she sends a snake to bite the terrified giant. The giant's mother Gaia, Mother Earth herself, looks helpless on the other side of Athena, where above her the victory Goddess Nike is already paying tribute to the winner.

German archaeologists excavated the altar from 1878 and took everything they found to Germany, where the altar is today, in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Its characters might have been created in the same Pergamene workshop as the Laocoon Group. The altar is is referred to in the Bible as the 'Throne of Satan' (John Revelations chapter 2, v.13). Without knowing the original meaning and purpose of the altar Adolf Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, took direct inspiration from the Pergamon and adapted it to build Hitler's podium, the Zeppelintribüne, in the grounds of Nuremberg.

This 3D printable model was digitised in collaboration between Scan the World and The Statens Museum for Kunst. This plaster cast sculpture of The Pergamon Altar is part of the Statens Museum for Kunst's collection and was scanned in the museum. It has been shared with their permission. The original marble is housed in Pergamonmuseum. The model can be downloaded and 3D printed from Scan the World.


  • Title: Pergamon Altar (Athena Group)
  • Creator: Unknown, Scan the World
  • Location Created: Statens Museum for Kunst
  • Type: Sculpture
  • External Link: Download 3D Printable file from MyMiniFactory
  • Medium: Plaster
  • Art Genre: Sculpture
  • Art Movement: Hellenistic
  • Art Form: Sculpture
  • Depicted Person: Athena
  • Depicted Topic: Mythology

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