Persian Haggada

Rahamin ben Haham Shlomo

The National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel

A Haggada with a translation into Judeo-Persian, written on paper. As noted in the colophon, on page 66b, the Haggada was written by Rahamin ben Haham Shlomo in the year 1850. Judeo-Persian is a language written in Hebrew letters, Based on classical Persian, together with words in Hebrew and Aramaic. The National Library of Israel holds some of the earliest documents in that language found in the Afghan Geniza.

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  • Title: Persian Haggada
  • Creator: Rahamin ben Haham Shlomo
  • Date Created: 1850/1850
  • Location Created: Persia
  • Original Language: Hebrew, Persian
  • Subject Keywords: Passover, Jewish Law
  • Type: Manuscript
  • External Link: View full manuscript

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