Personal Computer

Commodore Business Machines1978

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
Sydney, Australia

Personal Computer, Commodore PET 2001, and manuals, metal/ plastic/ glass/ electrical components/ paper, Commodore Business Machines Inc, California USA. Personal computer "Commodore PET 2001" , Personal Electronic Transactor, a pale grey painted steel cabinet, containing a CRT keyboard, computer board and a cassette player, with built-in black and white television monitor, which displays up to 1000 characters in 40 columns by 25 lines. The PET is controlled by a MCS 6502 microprocessor. The face of the PET is a sloped panel with a very small QWERTY keypad, of 53 multi function keys, to the right of this is a small numeric keypad of 20 multi function keys, the keys are cream plastic with metallic keytops in silver, blue or red, the characters are printed in black. On the left side is a built-in cassette dump/loader, a black plastic unit with transparent tape cover and five push button controls. A large adhesive label in brown and silver above these controls bears the name of the manufacture and model name of the computer "commodore/PET 2001 Series/personal/computer". The monitor is housed on top of the unit, it is a flared shape, wider at the base than at the top, with a square glass screen. Power cord protruding from the rear right side of the base of the unit, on the left side are three ports for multi pin plugs, above the first is a label, "FOR EXTERNAL CASSETTE ONLY".

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  • Title: Personal Computer
  • Creator: Commodore Business Machines
  • Date: 1978
  • Location: California, United States of America