Personal Ornaments in Tamna


Jeju National Museum

Jeju National Museum
Jeju-si, South Korea

Ornaments are good items to symbolize a social position and show own character as well as to adorn oneself at the prehistoric period. The ornaments in Tamna were mostly made with the materials such as earth, shells, animal bones and deer horns. Meanwhile, jade tubes, curved jade pendants and glassed beads were made with the imported materials from abroad. A range of personal ornaments made with materials easily accessible such as earthen beads, curbed jades, shell beads and shell necklace were found in the Gwakji shell mound in Jeju. They exhibit delightfully the beauty of nature as if a part of simple.

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  • Title: Personal Ornaments in Tamna
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: Tamna
  • Provenance: Jeju National Museum
  • Type: ornament