Peyote Dream

Ken Featherston1974

South Austin Popular Culture Center

South Austin Popular Culture Center

Peyote Dream is a mural painted by artist Ken Featherston in 1974 in a private home in Austin, Texas. The home was sold in 2004 and the new owners didn't like the mural- not one little bit. SouthPop was lucky to have three donors who understood the Museum needed to acquire this mural and so with that funding, in spring 2005 the mural was literally cut out of the house and brought- crated- on a flat bed truck to South Austin! Most of the time it is under a cover due to the fact that SouthPop doesn't have enough space to have the mural on display all the time.

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  • Title: Peyote Dream
  • Creator: Ken Featherston
  • Date Created: 1974
  • Physical Location: Austin, Texas