Poder del comillo ancestral (Power of the Ancestral Fang)

Eduardo Mac Entyre2000

Inter-American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank

With the first ever exhibition of arte generativo, held in 1960 at the Galeria Peuser in Buenos Aires, both Mac Entyre and Miguel Ángel Vidal contributed to a growing tendency in Argentine art to explore movement and perception through geometric abstraction. Their artistic philosophy spoke to the automatic regeneration of form that creates a sense of movement. The arte generativo group worked as both artists and theorists and wrote their own manifesto through which they clearly established an autonomous aesthetic and identified the theoretical principals upon which their art would be analyzed. These artists, therefore, positioned themselves as innovators and inventors of new art forms.

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  • Title: Poder del comillo ancestral (Power of the Ancestral Fang)
  • Creator: Eduardo Mac Entyre
  • Date Created: 2000
  • Location: Argentina
  • Physical Dimensions: w22 x h28 in
  • Type: Print
  • Rights: All rights reserved
  • Medium: serigraphy