Poker Chips and Box

Unknowncirca 1890 - circa 1890

The Frick Pittsburgh

The Frick Pittsburgh

Books on poker and poker sets like this one, housed in a handsome oak container, attest to the fact that Henry Clay Frick was an avid poker player. In an unpublished memoir, his daughter Helen recalled: "Once a week, my father had a group of men friends come in for poker after dinner. I had the important duty of arranging the chips and took great pleasure in doing this, feeling my part was a very essential one. . .They played in the breakfast room, and the following morning the room still retained the odor of cigars which they all smoked."

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  • Title: Poker Chips and Box
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: circa 1890 - circa 1890
  • Type: Games and Toys