Polar Region Series

Chen, Sung-Chih2011

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

“Polar Region” turns a glimpse of real life into a scene in the earth’s poles. It pieces together the scattered emotions of a lost environment using only some intuitive heartbeat.
“The polar region can be described as a place of extreme beauty, a place of extreme complexity, and also a place of extreme neglect and simplicity. Perhaps there is a ‘Polar’ in all of us”.
The “Polar Region” series juxtaposes smooth, mirror-like stainless steel with the rough textures of sculpted clay to rebuild the contours of a landscape based on the artist’s imagination. The sturdy carvings of the sculpture contrast the mechanical cross-sections of the stainless steel shafts. The natural play of light and shadow on the piece creates a soft picture that flows and shifts. The artist employs dualism to depict the ebb and flow of material goods, along with the hollow and concrete structure in contemporary sculpture.

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  • Title: Polar Region Series
  • Creator: Chen, Sung-Chih
  • Date: 2011
  • Medium: Stainless steel and styrofoam
  • Location: In the playground Atelier 21619