Pool of Fingerprints

Euclid Masahiko Sato (b.1954, Japan) Takashi Kiriyama (b.1964, Japan) (Photo : Nils Clauss)2010

Nam June Paik Art Center

Nam June Paik Art Center
Yongin-si, South Korea

Euclid is an artist duo from Japan, which has been communicating with the audience using interactive media, dealing with issues of the confusion in individuals’ identity, extinction, loss, feeling of membership in society, indifference to unwanted exposure of personal information, and the phenomenon of becoming numb to such incidents. Under this context, the duo has been producing works that attempt to realize an experimental combination of diverse media and technologies. In Pool of Fingerprints, fingerprints of visitors swim around, mixing with other fingerprints to a degree where it is difficult to find one’s own fingerprint. The fingerprint finally appears out of the swarm and returns to its owner. The viewers of this work are induced to reflect on ways to express their identities and their sense of presence. In addition, they are led to encounter their other selves that are detached from their bodies.

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  • Title: Pool of Fingerprints
  • Creator: Euclid Masahiko Sato (b.1954, Japan) Takashi Kiriyama (b.1964, Japan) (Photo : Nils Clauss)
  • Date: 2010
  • Technical Support: NEC Corporation, Yoshikazu Fujita(Tokyo University of the Arts)
  • Equipment support: Samsung Japan
  • Type: interactive media installation