Portrait of Lin Fengmian

Wu Yongliang2003

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy
Hangzhou, China

Wu Yongliang excels in Portrait Paining, and often does finger painting. The Portrait of Lin Fengmian (林凤眠肖像) depicts Lin, the inaugurator of China Academy of Art, whom the artist esteemed. The calmness and intimacy of Lin Fengmian appears on the rice paper with just few strokes. The clean, fresh image and Lin’s quality are coherent in the painting, simple but with profound aesthetic meaning.

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  • Title: Portrait of Lin Fengmian
  • Creator: Wu Yongliang
  • Date: 2003
  • Provenance: Museum of Contemporary Art of CAA
  • Type: ink painting
  • Creator nationality: China
  • Creator gender: male