Portrait of Pita Amor

Diego Rivera1957

Museo Dolores Olmedo

Museo Dolores Olmedo

Guadalupe Amor, better known as Pita Amor, was also a dancer and actress, but she is best remembered as a writer. Her classical style, with its strict attention to meter and rhyme, has earned her a reputation as one of Mexico’s finest women poets.
With her beauty, poise, and air of ingenuity, she was asked to pose by many artists, including Diego Rivera, who also happened to be one of her closest friends. This portrait praises the subject’s femininity, evident in the rendering of her fine, translucent skin, her hair, and her attire. She gazes at the viewer in surprise, with an expression that characterized her until the end of her days.

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  • Title: Portrait of Pita Amor
  • Creator: Diego Rivera
  • Date Created: 1957
  • Location: México
  • Physical Dimensions: 55x44cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Banco de México. Fiduciario en el Fideicomiso relativo a los Museos Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo
  • Medium: Oil on canvas