Portrait of Santiago Rusiñol, as El Greco's The knight with the hand on his bread

Ramon Pichot1897

Cau Ferrat Museum

Cau Ferrat Museum

"This work is by Ramon Pichot (Barcelona, 1871 - Paris, 1925) and can be found in Rusiñol’s bedroom. It depicts a portrait in charcoal of the master of Cau Ferrat.
He was still young, with black, wavy hair, and a beard that blends in with the knot that can be seen peeping out from under his coat, which is buttoned up to the last button. Rusiñol’s left hand is in his pocket and his slim right hand with a pianist’s fingers is on his chest, with the thumb hidden between the coat buttons.
It reminds us of El Greco’s famous portrait The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest, which Santiago Rusiñol had recently copied from the Prado Museum."

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