Portrait of Two Servants: Lisette Gilliard and Susette

Jean-Gabriel Eynard (Swiss, 1775 - 1863)1847 - 1850

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum

On the back of this carefully lit and posed daguerreotype, Jean-Gabriel Eynard identified the seated woman as a cook, Lisette Gilliard, whose profession one might guess from her sturdy forearms. Judging by her suntanned face, her standing companion Suzette was probably a poultry keeper. Both women wear plain work clothes: sprig-patterned dresses, long aprons, and lace kerchiefs and collars. Had the sitters commissioned this portrait for themselves, they would undoubtedly have donned more formal apparel.

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  • Title: Portrait of Two Servants: Lisette Gilliard and Susette
  • Date Created: 1847 - 1850
  • Location: Not on display
  • Type: Cased object
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  • Medium: Daguerreotype
  • daguerreotypist: Jean-Gabriel Eynard (Swiss, 1775 - 1863)
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  • Subject: Servants