Postcard from neighbors Page 1

Władysław Thieberg

Jewish Museum in Oświęcim

Jewish Museum in Oświęcim

Postcard sent by Władysław Thieberg from the forced labor camp in Kłomnice to his neighbors from Oświęcim, Wiktor and Hela Ledwoń, 1941. Loan of Władysław Zabrzeński. The card reads: Dear Wiktor and Hela! [...] I am terribly sorry that you had to leave Niwa. I guess all our common friends have left Babice by now, but what can you do? How are your boys? I am not bad, in general. I am afraid I may not return to Niwa, so I am curious what happened to my belongings. Now I wish I had taken some of them along, especially the bed linen and underwear. Truly yours, Władysław.

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  • Title: Postcard from neighbors Page 1
  • Creator: Władysław Thieberg
  • Date Created: 1941
  • Location: Jewish Museum in Oświęcim

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