Meissen porcelain pot-pourri with a bronze lid fitted with a flower-shape handle; it is painted with detailed port's scenes in quatrefoils. On the side, a More is standing on a lawn flowers. The work rests on a golden bronze structure having a rocaille volute basis from which branches with polychrome flowers come up. This is definitely one of the most beautiful and important pieces of the museum. The porcelain part in fact was made by the famous Johann Joachim Kändler sculptor master in Meissen during the first half of the XVIII century and painted by Christian Friedrich Herold, the artist who also realized the port's scenes. There is also carved the famous "C couronné", a mark introduced by the French government during the War of the Polish Succession (1745-49) in order to have a control on the copper. The owner payed a tax corresponding to the object's value, in order to avoid the object could be melted or confiscated for War needs. The carved "C" thus demonstrated the effected payment.

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